Who Is Henry

Hi. I’m Henry.

I’m an options trader who retired from Goldman Sachs in my twenties. Why leave such a lucrative job? I was making more trading options! I started when I was 19 with $1,000. Since then I’ve grown my personal portfolio to nearly two million, created consistent weekly income I use to travel the world living my laptop life in beautiful far flung locations, and I’ve shared every step of the journey for the last 2 years on Youtube with my 184k subscribers!

I’m also hell bent on helping…. regular people who don’t have Wall Street experience beat the market, generate Alpha Level yields, and do it from the comfort of their home without paying expensive brokerage fees!

I’m pretty confident to say that after working….

At a billion-dollar company on Wall Street, I know what works and what doesn’t in the stock market. With my guidance, expertise, and proven hyper-growth options strategies, you can easily grow, compound and scale your portfolio to 6-Figures and beyond!