How Do I Get Help 

From Someone Who Really Knows

What They're Doing?

 From the desk of Henry Moldavskiy

Welcome To My Brand New Coaching Program,

The Invest with Henry Income FOCUS Program!


This is not your "standard" coaching program.

This is much different.

 I'm not just telling you what to do...

 Or how to do it...

 But I'm actually doing it with you in person.

And personally helping you!

Here's why...

Would you rather I give you a fish... 


Would you rather I teach you how to fish so you can catch as many fish as you want, whenever you want?

Fish, in this context, can symbolize whatever you want.







Today I’m introducing a new program where you can work with me one-on-one and in a small group to get your trading and your business to the next level over the course of an entire year and you don’t need to travel to do it. I want to increase your income to at least 6-figures and show you how to do it with options trading but also starting a location independent business that makes $60,000 with little work after it is built.


It works this way: For an entire year you will meet with me, sometimes one-on-one and sometimes in a small group of other like-minded men, every month for intensive coaching sessions for a total of 12 sessions. You also get weekly options income academy included and everything I release in 2021, for FREE, as soon as you sign up for the program. Yes, you heard me right. You get my course and 2021 course included! 


In each session I will cover the specific actions you need to take to optimize your financial life and add multiple streams of income. I’ll help develop a specific battle plan for you to follow for the next 30 days. You’ll also meet guest experts regarding specific areas for even more techniques on starting digital businesses, options trading, taxes and getting your financial life to a point you can work less but earn more!


At the end of each session you will have an action plan with a specific set of objectives to work on for the next 30 days, until we meet again for a new session, for a total of 12 sessions over the course of an entire year.


All the sessions will be done remotely via video conferencing. If you actually want to travel to come see me in person you may also do so, but you don’t have to. This means anyone in the world can sign up for this program regardless of where you live, and you never need to get on a plane. This is a fully remote program. However, I will host a live workshop in Philadelphia, Miami and most likely Dubai for one of the sessions. Dubai is to be confirmed still.


You will dramatically improve your income, entrepreneur ability, and/or your investing in both stocks and options, which will be the primary focus every 30 days under this program. At the end of the year, your life will be transformed. Several guys have already done this in my current monthly coaching option. Now it’s your turn.


Topics in The Income Focus Program include:

  • Make you weekly income through trading stocks and options
  • Understanding how to build wealth using retirement accounts and financial planning
  • Increasing your income, ideally doubling it (my goal for men in the income focus program is to get their incomes to at least $180,000 per year)
  • Increasing the income from your business if you have one
  • Reducing your work hours
  • Getting your income location independent if it isn’t already (opportunity to scale and travel, without being tied to one location)
  • Starting a side business that compliments your primary skills
  • Time management (doing more things that make you happy and add income)
  • Personal strategic planning (during 1-on-1’s they won’t be timed. I’ll setup a thorough game plan with you)
  • Maintaining maximum physical energy as a man (I don’t discuss on YouTube, but my best friend is a doctor. Health is wealth and I’ll mention this because your finances are tied to your mental and physical health. I got you covered!)
  • Managing your taxes (Increasing your income highly depends on lower taxes! I’ll show you how to LEGALLY write-off some of your expenses in your side business)
  • And a lot more

What You Will Get When You Join The Program 

1. Twelve intensive coaching sessions, one per month, over a period of one year in 2021.These sessions break down into three categories:


Four Intensive Full-Day Sessions – These go all day and are the backbone of the program. They are always held on weekends to accommodate men with jobs. You will be emailed (potentially mailed) any materials needed for each session in advance. These will be done over Zoom (or similar video conferencing) but you may fly to see me in person during these sessions if you wish (locations are Philadelphia and Miami for North Americans or Dubai for Europeans/Non-North Americans; Dubai was chosen because it’s the only country in or near Europe I will likely visit even with Corona because I’m visiting my coach for mentoring and self-improvement!).


Four One-On-One Sessions – These are when you and I talk one-on-one over phone or video (your choice). There is no time limit for these sessions and email follow-up is allowed. I will answer all questioned tailored to your life specifically and be your consultant.


Four Secondary Sessions – These are shorter sessions, usually an hour or two, with the entire group over Zoom.

All twelve of these sessions are staggered so you get one a month for an entire year.

2. As soon as you sign up for the program you will get access to the Weekly Option Income Academy + Community. This one course alone is worth a thousand dollars.

3. Throughout the entire year you are part of the The Income Focus Program, you get EVERY new course or book I release during that year. You are simply sent it for free as soon as it comes out.

4. Written tools and materials are part of the program. These are materials customized just for the The Income Focus Program, and they include content I have never discussed elsewhere, and will never be available anywhere else. They will be sent to you throughout the year.

5. Optional members-only group sessions. This is where you will have regular sessions with a small group of other guys from the program to keep you accountable on your goals. I’m planning on setting up a way for members to connect with each other as a tribe of men that push and hold ourselves accountable.

Yes, I Want This


This program is very different from any other coaching out there. The Income Focus Program is not for everyone. It is only for men who are 100% ready to take action for improvement right now. I’ve included these requirements to purposely keep the group of men small and manageable, and to ensure I don’t waste my time with anyone who isn’t serious.


Here are the requirements for anyone who attends The Income Focus Program:


  1. Your total annual income needs to be close to USD $70,000 (before taxes) or the equivalent, or more, though it does not need to be location-independent and you don’t need to be self-employed. If you made less money this year due to Coronavirus that’s okay. I’ll try to be flexible about this but if you have a very low income this program probably won’t be a good fit.


  1. You can’t be completely new to investing and not know what a stock is. You must be investing in some capacity and have beginner foundation.


  1. You must be ready to put in real work in order to improve your income and/or your life for at least one year. I will eject anyone from the program at any time if I see they’re not putting in any effort.


If you have questions about these qualifications feel free to reply to this email with your your questions.


You Get A $500 Discount If You Sign Up in The Next Two Weeks


To celebrate this new launch, if you sign up for The Income Focus Program before 8p.m. EST on Friday January 15th, I will give you $500 off the cost of the program. After January 4th, the price goes back up to its usual amount and I’m not going to listen to any complaining after that date about how you “didn’t know,” so don’t even ask.


There is a hard deadline for everyone to sign up for this program which is January 25th, 2021. Since this program starts on January 30th my staff and I need to know how many guys are in the program well before that to plan for logistics. So, you MUST sign up before January 25th 2021 to join the program for 2021. Otherwise you will miss the first session and be ineligible.

Yes, I Want This

What to Do Next

If you’re interested in this program go here to sign up. You’ll be prompted to place a $1,000 refundable deposit towards the program. After you’ve placed your deposit, you and I will get on the phone for a brief call to discuss the program in greater detail to make sure it’s a fit. This will not be a coaching call, just a quick call to see if you’re a good fit for the program and if I’m a good fit for you.


If we determine that it’s a match, we will discuss payment options for the remaining balance. If either party determines that it’s not a great fit, your $1,000 deposit will be immediately refunded.


The fee for an entire year of The Income Focus Program which includes all the items listed above is $7,997. If you sign up before Friday January 15th you get that $500 discount towards that total too (meaning it’s down to $7,497). This is far less expensive than comparable programs, most of which run $10,000, $20,000, or more.


All payments made for this program (outside of the $1,000 refundable application deposit) are 100% nonrefundable for any reason. This policy screens out all the men who probably don’t qualify and/or who aren’t serious about putting in the work necessary to maximize their high-income alpha life. If that bothers you, then this policy has worked, and you do not qualify for the program. 

Just click below to sign up. The clock is ticking on the deadline so get going! Click this button:

Yes, I Want This